Journalists Believe in the Chicago Cubs and You Should Too

You know your team is doing pretty well when the press keeps talking about how they’re going to take the World Series. Such is the case with the Cubs. But these aren’t just empty sweet nothings. The club has had an awe-inspiring season, which is totally deserving of praise.

Below are some of the glowing headlines that I’ve encountered over the past season, all of which express a belief in something great ahead for the Cubs. (I won’t say what.)

Believe in the Chicago Cubs - Tony Angiuli Florida

Cubs’ incredible Game 4 comeback gets even better with age

“…the Cubs did something in Game 4 of the National League Division Series, in that moment, that it has taken us a while to process. But now we know exactly what we saw.”

10/13/16 |

These Cubs curl up in the warm embrace of World Series expectations

“It might be silly to declare “World Series or bust” for a team that hasn’t won the pennant since 1945 or the World Series since 1908, but that sentiment reverberates from every corner of the Cubs clubhouse.”

10/13/16 | USA Today

It’s World Series Or Bust For The Chicago Cubs

“The Chicago Cubs are looking to break a curse that is more than a century old.”

10/7/16 | Forbes

Young Cubs soar past all expectations, caution flags

“The one caution coming from the front office was that ‘all progress is not linear,’ especially with the Cubs’ young players. In other words, some of these kids might take a step backward this year before going forward again.

That didn’t happen.”

9/26/16 | Chicago Daily Herald

Curses Don’t Exist: The Chicago Cubs Are Winning the 2016 World Series

“I’ll tell you what’s happening: The Chicago Cubs are winning the 2016 World Series. It’s happening because, again, curses aren’t real. It’s happening because the Cubs have been on an absolute tear all season and only seem to be getting better. ”

9/6/16 | The Ringer

Larry Bowa: Cubs Should Win World Series This Season

“It was 32 years ago this month that the Chicago Cubs set the city a blaze with pennant fever for the first time since 1969.”

8/23/16 | CBS Chicago

5 Reasons Chicago Should Still Be World Series Favorites

“Chicago fans are used to the Cubs choking and struggling after promising starts. There is a reason that the Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908. Even though their team is struggling now, there is no reason to expect the struggles to continue and end their World Series chances.”

7/20/16 |

An Irresistible Force Rises in Chicago

“The 2016 Cubs might actually be able to end the franchise’s immovable title drought — and emerge as the best team in baseball history”

6/7/16 | The Ringer

The Chicago Cubs and the New Baseball

“The longtime losers are now the preseason favorites—a sign of how the smartest teams have become the best ones.”

6/3/16 | The Atlantic


Journalists the world-over are feeling the Chicago enthusiasm. So, who’s to say they won’t be able to win it? Yes, I’m knocking on wood.

Let’s go get’em Cubbies!


Tony Angiuli