The 7 Best Things To Come From The Cubs’ World Series Win

Holy Cow!!! We did it! That is, after over 100 years of trying and failing, the Cubs managed to land the World Series title and we, they’re loyal fans, were able to witness it together. I tell you, never before had I wanted so badly to be in Wrigley Field for a game! Fortunately, I had my dad and the rest of our Chicago transplant family to keep me company all the way down in Florida.

The last time the Cubs won the World Series was in 1908. The last time the Cubs appeared in the World Series was 1945. It’s been over 108 years since we won and over 71 years since we’ve made an appearance. Not only did we take the Series, but we did so with the best regular-season record in the MLB. Wow.

But the magic of November 2, so greatly exceeds just that night. It spreads into a number of moments that have happened and will keep on happening until the Cubs get their next World Series title. Looking back on that fateful night, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite moments.


Bill Murray

For whatever reason, there’s no other figure that looms quite as large in the Chicago spotlight as Bill Murray. He’s our funny guy, our comedian, but he’s also our guide, our mentor, our guru, our patron saint. Getting to watch Bill Murray’s reaction to the Cubs game was almost as good as getting to watch the Cubs win in and of itself.

Afterward when Ben Zobrist won MVP of the year, Bill started honking the horn of the MVP’s prize:

In what just might be my favorite interview ever, a drunk Bill Murray spoke with a drunk Theo Epstein in the Cubs locker room. And they sprayed each other with champagne.

I’m so glad I got to watch the Cubs win the World Series, and I’m so glad that Bill Murray was there to make it even more magical.

The Parade

The city threw a massive parade, which more than a million people attended. How cool is that? Check out the photos! It’s pretty crazy.

Chicago Cubs rally

Jose M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune

The Cubs on SNL

The Saturday after the Cubs made history, Rizzo, Ross, Fowler, and honorary Cubbie Bill Murray made an appearance on SNL. Although these guys didn’t crack to many jokes themselves, they did do a funny rendition of  “Go Cubs Go.” If anything, their performances were a little awkward and they’re singing was a little strained, but the whole entire bit was made more endearing because of it. It was a ton of fun to see them on the SNL set. A truly surreal moment. Almost as surreal as the next one.

Hamilton and the Cubs

I’ll be honest. I don’t know too much about “Hamilton”, other than that it’s been a big success and very influential to a number of people. The play originated in New York, but recently started a run in Chicago. The day after we clinched the Series, the cast sang “Go Cubs Go”. Even with little knowledge of “Hamilton”, it’s just great to see such a big, internationally renown play celebrate the Cubs. The fact the actors are singing the song in 18th century garb is an added plus.

Apparently, the Chicago Cubs have their own musical in the works.

Awards Awards Awards

Jason Heyward won his fourth Golden Glove Award, Anthony Rizzo won his first Golden GloveAward, and Theo Epstein won The Sporting News MLB Executive of the Year. Boom!

This Song

Looking through Cubs highlights online, I randomly came across this video. I was totally blown away. The song, written and performed by Katie Day, is beautiful on its own. But what really carries the tune to a whole other level is the video, which combines footage from SnapChat, the news, and more of people reacting to the Cubs win all across the world (but mainly in Chicago).

The Community

All of the above is great, but what really makes the World Series such an unforgettable event is the people in our lives. I’ll never forget being able to watch Game 7 with my Dad and the rest of the family, and how after so many years we were able to witness the impossible together.

What was your World Series win like? Were you with friends or family? Did you watch the game solo from a bar in the middle of nowhere? Did you end up just streaming from your laptop while your living mates caught up on West World? Whatever your story is,  I’d love to know. Feel free to drop me a line in the comments below.