The Three Biggest Cubs Rivalries

After years of living in Florida, my loyalty still lies withthe Chicago Cubs. And it looks like the Cubbies are having one heck of a 2016 season.

Chicago Cubs Logo - he 3 Biggest Chicago Cubs Rivalries by Tony Angiuli

As of last night, they’ve won 19 of their last 22 road games, recently scoring a 16-0 game against the Cincinnati Reds (for a 6-1 total against the reds this season). But the Reds have never been to big of a challenge for the Cubs. When it comes to rivalries there are a few teams that have consistently been tough opponents throughout the history of the Cubs. Here’s a look at the Big Three:

Milwaukee Brewers (The 1-95 Rivalry)

Milwaukee and Chicago are only 80ish miles apart form one another, which means that in tight games, fans from either city can flock to the respective stadium. The Brewers have kicked Chicago’s butts the past decade and managed to win a Division title (where the Cubs ¬†have not), but the Cubs recently gave them a run for their money in the 2015 season. Although the two teams are rivals, the truth is that most Chicago fans save their animus for the Sox and the Cardinals. More than anything, the Cubs and the Brewers have a lot in common. Aside from them being midwest teams, the two have both gone a long while without a World Series Championship. Despite the opinions of some, I’d say the two still have a rivalry going.

Chicago White Sox (The Cross-town Rivalry)

Hailing from the same city means nothing to the Sox and Cubs rivalry. More than anything, it exacerbates it. The Cubs have their territory in the northern picturesque territory of Wrigleyville. The Sox are located in the South Chicago area of Bridgeport. We both have our unfair stereotypes for one another. Sox fans accuse Cubbies of being wealthy frat boys. Cubbies accuse the White Sox of being a mega-star team that doesn’t give a lick about tradition (think Yankees vs. Mets meets Yankees vs. Red Sox). The White Sox have more recently won a World Series and have consistently performed better than the cubs, but they recently change the name of their field from Comiskey Park to US Cellular One Field (yuck!). To make matters worse, when it comes to head-to-head games, the White Sox have a much larger advantage in terms of wins. Ultimately, it’s a friendly rivalry. We’re fortunate to have two great teams in our city that speak to so many people. Just don’t expect many people to say that out loud.

St. Louis Cardinals (The Route 66 Rivalry)

Separated by 297 miles, the Cubbies and the Cardinals are perhaps the hottest rivalry in Cubs History. There are a number of factors that contribute to this: both teams are fierce, the fact that both states share the same state bird, the fact that the Cardinals Sportscaster Harry Caray switched sides to become a Cubs icon, etc. But I personally will point my finger at the Sammy Sosa/Mark McGwire rivalry. The two squared off in a 1992 home run derby of sorts where Mark McGwire took the prize for single-season home run record. Although things cooled down in the years following the departure of those historical players, analyst predict that the rivalry will flare up this season.

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