Why It’s Time for Tim Tebow to Take a Time Out


When I was a student at the University of Florida beginning in 2004, I took a certain fondness to the athletics of my University. There’s something special about seeing a team of Division I athletes band together, facing off against bitter rivals that put professional sports rivalries to shame. The student sections bouncing up and down, sending tremors throughout the stadium. The chants, the boos and jeers and, of course, the raucous applause and cheers that ensure there isn’t a moment of silence between the opening whistle and the final snap (or basket, or out, or goal, etc).


That’s why, during my time at the University of Florida, I very much enjoyed watching Tim Tebow light up opposing defenses. It’s also why I’m telling Tim Tebow that, right now, it’s time to call it quits on the attempted foray into baseball.


I’ll admit, the idea of Tim Tebow sending an Adam Wainwright curveball into the bleachers at Wrigley Field would be, to put it lightly, overwhelmingly satisfying. I might not recover for weeks, were that to happen. Piper, my dog, might have to go to the dog-ear nose and throat doctor to get his ears checked from the hysterical laughter and cheering I’d likely do.


But that won’t happen. That won’t ever happen. Because Tim Tebow won’t ever reach the major leagues. In fact, he probably won’t manage to have an impact in the minors either.


When Tebow first attempted to make the transition from Florida football standout to NFL great, he stumbled and, ultimately, failed. The next logical step was to try a new sport. But the reviews have been less than stellar. Is Timmy Football an athlete, certainly? Is he a great human being, almost undoubtedly. But is he a baseball player, no.


The attempt was, in all honest, admirable. The fact that Tebow was signed at all is a testament to his incredible athleticism and determination. But the experiment has gone on long enough–like his short but mildly successful football career, it’s high time that Tebow walks away from another sport.


I like Tim Tebow just as  I like alliterations. But like the title of this blog, sometimes you just have to know when to call it quits on something–I know that I shouldn’t speak solely in alliteration, and Tim Tebow should know that he can’t do anything he wants. Seeing Tim try to make the dive into a successful baseball career was interesting, and I hoped the best for him. But Tim, my friend, my fellow Florida Gator, and one of the most exciting athletes that I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching in person–it’s time to take a time out.